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2pcs menstrual cup

Discover unparalleled comfort and security with G•Cup bundle. Our reusable menstrual cup is inserted during menstruation to collect fluid. Choose between Small and Large sizes to fit your needs. Unsure of which to get? Our set includes both, and you can opt for both the same size or one of each. Clean and disinfect your cup with our Cleansing Mist twice a day, and sanitize before and after your period with a simple boiling water bath—place your cup in a metal whisk and let it sit in boiling water for five minutes. Enjoy up to 7 years of reliable protection and convenience! 

This box includes: 

✨ 2pc Set (Choose between two Small, two Large or one Small & One Large)

Recommended to add:

Cleansing Mist and Just Like Me water based lubricant. 

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